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Welcome to Viva Libertas

The Global Election Campaign Platform

Catered primarily toward non-mainstream voter block!

This platform is ideal for candidates to broadcast and interact with non-mainstream voters that encompass ethnic minorities, people of various sexual orientations, religious following and voters that do not conform to mainstream values.

Active Voter Database

Create lists, filters, and tags in a database that dynamically updates with every supporter interaction.

eCommerce Enabled

Our Platform gives you all the tools to easily sell merchandise to your engaging supporters.

Fundraising & Finances

Identify new donors, process payments, and grow your fundraising program.

News & Blogging

An “All In One” Solution for a Professional News Portal for every publishing need .

Total Solution

Inspire, capture, and track actions across your site while prompting deeper community engagement.

Automated Newsletters

Inform your Supporters and Audience with the latest news, events, or updates of your moves.

Email & Text Blasting

Personalize email, text, and field outreach to supporters based on their interests and history with you.


Set up recurring donations to make the most of donors’ support throughout your campaign.

It's Built to grow your community and move them to action!